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    Multi Needle Mini Schiffli
    Multi Head Mini Schiffli
   High Speed Embroidery
   High Speed Pure Chenille
   High Speed Mix chenille
   High Speed Mix Taping
       Cording Flat
   Semi High Speed Beading
    High Speed Cap Tubular Flat
    High Speed Embroidery Machine       Mixed with Fibre Laser Cutting       System
    High Speed Laser Embroidery           Machine
High Speed Mix Taping Cording Flat
Main Features    
Air Clutch System: Switch Off Any Head at Anytime
More options with different width of tape and different thickness of cord
10" OP Box: Multi Tasks Real Time Response
New DS Speedy Head: More Stable, Durable & Quiet
Flexible Options: Sequin, Cording, Boring...
Jumbo Twin Bobbin Stand: Less Downtime, More Output
X-Y by Servo Motor: Fast Precise Motion
Model Needles Heads Head Space Emb. Area Frame Length Length / Width
UN - 10608 1+6 8+8 500 550x800 3250mm 4785x2115mm
UN - 10610 1+6 10+10 500 550x800 4250mm 6885x2115mm
UN - 10612 1+6 12+12 500 550x800 6290mm 7995x2115mm
UN - 10615 1+6 15+15 450 500x800 7000mm 8615x2115mm
UN - 10424 1+4 24+24 400 450x1500 9710mm 11435x3515mm
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