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    Multi Needle Mini Schiffli
    Multi Head Mini Schiffli
   High Speed Embroidery
   High Speed Pure Chenille
   High Speed Mix chenille
   High Speed Mix Taping
       Cording Flat
   Semi High Speed Beading
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    High Speed Embroidery Machine       Mixed with Fibre Laser Cutting       System
    High Speed Laser Embroidery           Machine
Multi Head Mini Schiffli
Main Features    
90 Head, 3 Colour, Max. Speed 900 SPM, Emb. Area in 110 x 550 x 1500
Individual semi auto lubrication system for needle bar & rotary hook base
Triple H Beam support
Heavy beam with 400x400x12 with special support to make the beam stranger
1.6x Rotary Hook: Less Downtime, More Efficient
Triple beam structure with heavy body
Get schiffli efficiency at embroidery machine cost
3D function is available with this machine
Boring, sequin and cording device can be installed
Model Needles Heads Head Space Emb. Area Frame Length Length / Width
UN - 3114 3 114 82.5 500x1560 9823mm 11330x3840mm
UN - 3128 3 125 110 600x1560 14570mm 16170x3840mm
UN - 386 3 86 110 550x1500 9500mm 11500x3810mm
UN - 390 3 90 110 550x1500 10000mm 11900x3810mm
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